Sirolimus Coated

Balloon Catheter

Assuring Safety by Delivering Sirolimus


    An innovative proprietary Nanolute technology providing better bioavailability of SIROLIMUS


    Unique coating technology leads to 100% balloon surface coating

  • DRUG

    Sirolimus: A drug with proven safety profile


    A biocompatible phospholipid drug carrier improving the adhesion property of Sirolimus

Nanolute Technology

  • Conversion of Sirolimus drug into sub-micron sized particles
  • Encapsulation of sub-micron sized Sirolimus drug into highly biocompatible drug carrier-Phospholipid
  • Upon inflation of MagicTouch SCB at target site, drug carrier with Sirolimus drug inside gets transferred to the vessel wall following the principle of co-efficient diffusion
  • Upon body pH variation, drug carrier mimics the body lipids and liberates Sirolimus
  • The sub-micron sized Sirolimus drug particles penetrate the deepest layer of the vessel over a period

Advantages of Nanolute Technology

  • Facilitates better adhesion of Sirolimus on the balloon surface

  • Effective drug transfer to the deepest layer of the vessel

  • Circumferential coating

  • Better in-tissue bioavailability of Sirolimus

Sirolimus Distribution Study

DTF labelled Sirolimus was used to study the drug distribution following DCB treatment*

A: Adventitia; EEL: External Elastic Lamina; IEL: Internal Elastic Lamina; L:Lumen; M: Media *EuroIntervention. 2013 May 20;9(1): 148-56

Unique Coating Technology

Drug carrier along with drug is coated on the unfolded balloon to achieve 100% coating on balloon surface
Unique and proprietary refolding mechanism facilitates better crossing profile

Clinical Programs

Sr. No Study Name Type of Study Target Patients Country Principal Investigator
Sr. No:  01 Study Name:  MAGICTOUCH AVF IN SALVAGE OF AVG Type of Study:  Observational, Prospective, All comers, real-world Registry Target Patients:  20 Patients Country:  Singapore Principal Investigator:  Dr. Tan Chieh Suai
“Confidence Through Evidence’’
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