Corporate Social Responsibility - Concept Medical - Medical Device


We Don’t just Innovate; We Reinvigorate

Concept Medical reckons in respecting the nature and this faith is a part of our business culture.

We pay attention to what your heart says, and with the same zeal and devotion we listen, and understand carefully to what the nature and society needs. We take this as a responsibility and engage constantly.

Our commitment to contribute continuously:

“When you have or get something precious and you hold it close, make sure you understand the importance of why you are holding it that close”.

Concept Medical is all about respecting nature and this belief arises from the core of our team. Our aim is to plant 1,00,000 trees. Thereby contributing to a healthy ecosystem.

“The star which shines the most is actually not the one closest, but the one comprised with the most energy”

Why not give back to our mother nature? We acknowledge this by using resources which the nature provides. We have undertaken this responsibility by yielding from the energy which lies around us. Our manufacturing unit and corporate offices use Solar Energy to run non-stop and appreciate the importance of renewable energy.

“Be a part of the flow and understand it, because the flow has a lot in store”

We value the precious water which covers more than three fourth of the globe, and we ensure this by our endeavour of Water Harvesting. It is easy to catch a glimpse of our water harvesting system at Concept Medical.

“We often look for the future, but in that process we fail to understand the importance of the continuity going around us. “

We not only give back to nature, we also make sure to make the most of what is going around us simultaneously and that too without harming the nature. Our quest to harvest Kinetic energy is an eccentric expedition which we have commenced, and we are pursuing it with a grit intent.

“The purpose of life is to find and seek your gift. Sharing and giving the gift is adding to its meaning.”

We at Concept Medical have taken a vow to spread education to the best possible level and to secure that, one of our initiative is to educate around 250 underprivileged children who will go on to be the future of a prosperous world.

Green Energy Initiatives at Concept Medical

At Concept Medical, we are dedicated to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint through green energy installations. With a total capacity of 201 kW, we have generated 390 MWh of green energy and prevented 331.5 tons of CO2 emissions. This reduction is equivalent to planting thousands of trees or removing numerous fuel-powered vehicles from the road for a year.

Our green energy projects reflect our commitment to a healthier planet and sustainable practices. By leveraging renewable energy, we support both our operations and global efforts to combat climate change, demonstrating our dedication to environmental responsibility and a greener future.