MagicTouch: Sirolimus Drug Coated Balloon Catheter
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Novel, First of its kind Sirolimus drug coated balloon catheter for the treatment coronary artery disease

MagicTouch is intended for in-stent restenosis, small vessels, bifurcation lesions and de-novo lesions

Sirolimus Coated

Balloon Catheter

MagicTouch SCB

Assuring Safety by Delivering Sirolimus

  • TECHNOLOGY - MagicTouch SCB


    An innovative proprietary Nanolute technology providing better bioavailability of SIROLIMUS

  • COATING - MagicTouch SCB


    Unique coating technology leads to 100% balloon surface coating

  • DRUG - MagicTouch SCB


    Sirolimus: A drug with proven safety profile

  • CARRIER - MagicTouch SCB


    A biocompatible phospholipid drug carrier improving the adhesion property of Sirolimus

Nanolute Technology

NANOLUTE TECHNOLOGY is designed to improve the lipophilicity and bioavailability of Sirolimus

  • Phospholipid is a drug carrier with two lipophilic tails and one hydrophilic head.
  • Sirolimus is encapsulated in phospholipid with proprietary Nanolute technology.

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Unique Coating Technology

Drug carrier along with drug is coated on the unfolded balloon to achieve 100% coating on balloon surface
Unique and proprietary refolding mechanism facilitates better crossing profile


Drug Sirolimus
Drug Dose 1.27µg/mm²
Drug Carrier Phospholipid Based Excipient
Balloon Material Polyamide
Catheter design Rapid Exchange(RX) Design
Delivery system
Shaft Diameter – Proximal 1.7 F
Shaft Diameter – Distal 2.5 F
Usable Catheter Length 140 cm
Tip Profile 0.016”
Nominal Pressure 6 bar
Rated Burst Pressure 16 bar (14 bar for 4.00/ 25 to 40 mm)
Guiding Catheter Compatibility 5F
Guidewire Compatibility 0.014” maximum recommended


Diameter/Length 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm 25 mm 30 mm 35 mm 40 mm
1.50 mm CMT15010 CMT15015 CMT15020 CMT15025 CMT15030 CMT15035 CMT15040
2.00 mm CMT20010 CMT20015 CMT20020 CMT20025 CMT20030 CMT20035 CMT20040
2.25 mm CMT22510 CMT22515 CMT22520 CMT22525 CMT22530 CMT22535 CMT22540
2.50 mm CMT25010 CMT25015 CMT25020 CMT25025 CMT25030 CMT25035 CMT25040
2.75 mm CMT27510 CMT27515 CMT27520 CMT27525 CMT27530 CMT27535 CMT27540
3.00 mm CMT30010 CMT30015 CMT30020 CMT30025 CMT30030 CMT30035 CMT30040
3.50 mm CMT35010 CMT35015 CMT35020 CMT35025 CMT35030 CMT35035 CMT35040
4.00 mm CMT40010 CMT40015 CMT40020 CMT40025 CMT40030 CMT40035 CMT40040


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MagicTouch SCB

Clinical Programs

Sr. No Study Name Type of Study Target Patients Country Clinical Trials Identifier
Sr. No:  1 Study Name:   EASTBOURNE Type of Study:  Prospective, Multi-Center, spontaneous clinical registry Target Patients:  2,000 Patients Country:  Global Clinical Trials Identifier:  
Sr. No:  2 Study Name:   Nanolute Type of Study:  Prospective, Multi-Center, Real world Target Patients:  450 Patients Country:  India Clinical Trials Identifier:  
Sr. No:  3 Study Name:   Transform I Type of Study:  Prospective, randomized , Multi-Center study Target Patients:  114 Patients Country:  Italy and UK Clinical Trials Identifier:  
Sr. No:  4 Study Name:   Brazil-FIM Type of Study:  Prospective, Multi-Center, Non-randomised, First-In-Man Target Patients:  30 Patients Country:  Brazil Clinical Trials Identifier:  
Sr. No:  5 Study Name:   FASICO Type of Study:  Prospective, Single arm, Single-center Target Patients:  32 Patients Country:  Italy Clinical Trials Identifier:  
Sr. No:  6 Study Name:   UK-SEB REGISTRY Type of Study:  Spontaneous, Clinical, Observational trial Target Patients:  500 Patients Country:  UK Clinical Trials Identifier:  
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