Erectile Dysfunction: A common problem with an uncommon silence!

Erectile Dysfunction: A common problem with an uncommon silence!

Daniel’s story: Sufferings Behind Closed Doors

“I never thought my self-confidence could suffer a dent as severe as this. I had heard so many examples of men who couldn’t perform in bed. And I would laugh at their ‘silly’ problem. I mean, which ‘man’ couldn’t get an erection? To me, erectile dysfunction was just an excuse for not being ‘man-enough’. That was until 2020, when I too experienced a similar incident. My whole world came crashing down. Being the man of the house, I could not muster the courage to share it with anyone. I was afraid that people would laugh at my turmoil. I mean I was just 36 years old and healthier than most. How could this happen to me? With my partner, I blamed it on stress. At one point I even started accusing her for my issue. This went on for 13 long months. Each day was more miserable than the previous one. I cannot begin to describe the emotional toll it took on me. Not to mention, the toll it took on my marriage.”
The gentleman in the above paragraph is Mr.Daniel, and his case isn’t an isolated one. Call it irony, or simple ignorance; but it is a fact that a nation like India with a population of more than 1.5 billion people remains grossly uninformed about sexual well-being. For the majority, sex is still a taboo subject. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to a sexual issue like Erectile Dysfunction, people choose to suffer in silence rather than finding a solution.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or ED, is more common than one would think. In simple terms, ED refers to the inability to achieve, or sustain an erection, which in turn hampers the ability to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. According to some studies, 01 in 10 males suffer from ED. The first step towards treating ED is to understand it better.

What Experts Say

All men tend to experience a complication with erection from time to time in their lives. Periodic episodes of ED are caused by a variety of factors, including stress, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, and a general loss of interest. When ED becomes a persistent problem, it provides cause for concern. A constant or frequent ED issue often results from an underlying medical or mental health issue. ED is normally a side effect of various medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, liver problems, etc. In fact, ED is frequently thought of as a sign of coronary disease. ED can also be brought on by mental conditions like depression, stress, and worry. The good news is that ED can be effectively treated.

ED and the India Chapter

“Doctors suggest that it is high time people woke up to the seriousness ED poses. The connection between ED and our mental well-being is quite a complex one. Our society in particular treats impotence in a very negative way. Just like for people suffering with mental illnesses, people with ED too have to face a lot of stigma in society. Inability to have an erection is considered to be a question mark on one’s manliness. As a result, people choose to suffer in silence rather than getting help. That’s why ED is also called a silent disease.”

It is precisely because of the taboo associated with sex and impotence, experts believe that the number of people suffering from ED is far more than being reported. Earlier ED used to be considered a disorder associated with old age. Today, however, younger people like Daniel are also falling victims to ED. More than the physical toll, ED extracts a heavy toll on mental and emotional health. A person suffering from ED can suffer from serious mental issues due to low self-esteem and may as well cut himself off from peers and society. Inability to perform can adversely affect communication between partners and can cause eventual demise of the relation.

The Way Forward

Sometimes our reaction to the simplest of problems is a complex one. We as society need to start normalising sex and sex education from a young age. The biggest challenge in fighting ED is ignorance and inaction. Once this mental block gives way, the following steps like cause identification and future treatment protocols become quite easier. It all starts with communicating.
To know how Daniel fought his way out of a seemingly impossible situation, keep watching this space!

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