Brand Vision 2020 | The Masterstroke | Republic TV - Concept Medical

Brand Vision 2020 | The Masterstroke | Republic TV

Concept Medical – Technology driving the medical sector to new heights 

Concept Medical is solely focused on bringing out the best in the medical sector. It is a brand that has been working for making people’s lives better with the help of advanced technology. Concept Medicals has been developing new products and has also patented them. Among the most popular innovations by the brand, Magic Touch becomes one of the most crucial products.  

After most heart surgeries, a drug-eluting stent is placed into the diseased peripheral or arteries to slowly release a drug that helps in blocking cell proliferation. Magic Touch is a catheter that enters like the stent, releases the medicine and then reverts. Magic Touch has a success rate of around 80%. The people at Concept Medical are toiling the midnight soil to achieve new goals in the field of medicine. 


The Brand Vision -The Master Stroke – showcasing the achievements and journey of the ingenious Concept Medical & Envision Scientific by Parth Doshi (Director of International Business) on Republic TV. 



Source : Republic TV