International Women's Day 2021 - Concept Medical

International Women’s Day 2021

It is International Women’s Day on 8th March, and to celebrate; we’ve looked back on conversations with our Concept Medical community to put together this roundup of inspiring women working in Concept Medical.


It is important to have role models in the community, as it is in any career. We must have women’s we identify with to look up to, women’s who motivate and inspire us to keep going by seeing their achievements.

From women, they have worked with to women they have looked up to since the start of their careers, here’s a shout out to the amazing women in Concept Medical.

Though each day women continue to inspire and do amazing things, March 8 is extra special. We celebrated International Women’s Day with #WomanInMyLife to recognize women’s sterling contribution and appreciate this superlative breed.
We take this opportunity to make them feel special on this day.

Our Employees expressed gratitude to their mother for her strenuous efforts in daily life or appreciated her sister for the little things she does to make her smile or thank her wifey to keep her at ease during struggle with a hectic office lifestyle.